Group Buys

What is a Group Buy?

A GB is a type of pre-purchase where a group of buyers pay for a product upfront across a designated period of time (typically 1-month) There is usually a minimum order quantity (MOQ) that needs to be reached in order for the product to be made.
In the event that a product does not make the MOQ a full refund is issued to all who joined in on the GB. 
If MOQ is made the GB concludes and an order is placed with the manufacturer, the date that you will receive your product is typically estimated based off of manufacturer quoting and can be subject to delays, we will provide updates where possible.
Dates are estimated in yearly quarters (Q1, Q2 ect)

When you order a Group Buy please do not include non-groupbuy items with your order, this will delay your in-stock items until the groupbuy item is ready for delivery. 

Running a Group Buy?

We're looking for group buys to run as a distributor for primarily the UK and EU regions.
If you have a project and would like to run it through us please fill out the form below.
Group Buy Form

We operate on a fair profit split system and have a contract that you can request upon us deciding if we wish to run your product, if you are a minor and unable to sign a contract please be aware that we will require a parental or guardian co-signature or we will not be running your project.