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Customer Support

For general purpose messages, if you could not find an answer on our site for your respective question please send us a message at


Group Buys

We're looking for group buys to run as a distributor for primarily the UK and EU regions.
If you have a project and would like to run it through us please fill out the form below.
Group Buy Form

We operate on a fair profit split system and have a contract that you can request upon us deciding if we wish to run your product, if you are a minor and unable to sign a contract please be aware that we will require a parental or guardian co-signature or we will not be running your project. 


Marketing Partnerships

NOESC is looking for people to further our reach as a brand and get our products seen by more people, if you've got an audience no matter the size feel free to reach out by filling out the form below.
Marketing Partnership Form

Product Suggestions

We're constantly trying to expand our product catalogue, if there's something that you think is missing and want to see us stock please let us know through the form below.
Product Suggestion Form